Saturday, August 2, 2014

Away and Back?

Two years after departing from the CTA/NEA, I'm starting to wonder if I lost my fighting spirit against the union oligarchy that upholds an education system that rewards the collective educators at the expense of the students and their few teachers that stand on the side of innovation and progress.

Despising the CTA/NEA more than my love for my local association, made the break quite easy. Out of the $1000 + dollars we pay as union dues, I get, as an Agency Fee Payer, around $350 dollars back. Supposedly, this is the exact amount my local, state, and national associations pay towards politics. This of course is complete nonsense, but because the grand lawyers and accountants of the CTA/NEA are so versed on the right budget descriptions, their annual audits always clear the courts' review.

My goal was to leave the union based off of the principles they were violating and then devote my time to spreading the word and getting converts. The ultimate end game would be to get my local association to split from the CTA/NEA. The predictable problem (in which my family and teacher friends foretold me) was that I would end up devoting even more time to enriching the lives of the students in my classroom and enhancing the atmosphere of the campus, that I would have no extra time nor energy to fight the union. I dismissed their prediction. Judging by the date on my last post, they were right and I was wrong.

Though I have happily used my rebated political dues money to purchase a shotgun, a bow, and donate to local conservative candidates (everything the CTA/NEA hates), I'm wondering if I should rejoin the union for the sole purpose to get back inside as a rep and expose the internal rot of their character.

Being on the outside has great disadvantages: 1) I can't contribute my voice to my locality, 2) I can't try to reason with the thousands of NEA delegates at the annual Representative Assembly, and 3) I don't get to see the internal papers and listen to the internal discussions of the union.

Pretty much, they are left unchecked. There are hundreds of awesome conservative and/or free minded teachers out there who are silently taking up the fight, but we need more to stand up and loudly fight. If others see a movement awakening, maybe they will join.

The politicians and courts ignore the obvious violations of our natural and political rights, but unless we are content will our principles being battered, we must no longer sit back.

I will renew my effort to the cause as an Agency Fee Payer for another year. If progress is not made, then I may have to suck it up and head back in.

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