Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Poor Mentality

Who hurts the middle class more, the rich or the poor?

Easy. It is clearly the poor. Let me explain.

While I was watching the Ferguson protests, I noticed a number of people wearing the Guy Fawkes masks (the white mask with the devilish grin). This reminded me of the Occupy Movement in 2010.

The movement’s claim was that the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. Their underlining premise was that the rich, in their greedy ways, was hurting the poor, the middle class, and the planet. To them, the rich had to be punished.

I’m not sure what their life experiences are, but never has a rich man made my life worse. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Indirectly and sometime directly, the poor make my life worse, more specifically, the "give me more" mentality that some in the poor class hold. Examples:

- Those who live off of welfare hurt us by raising our taxes, thus making us poorer.

- Those who default on their credit hurt us by forcing the credit companies to raise the interest rates, thus making us poorer.

- Those who steal products off the shelf hurt us by having companies raise the price of the products on the shelf to make up for the loss, thus making us poorer.

- Those who tag the neighborhood walls hurt us by lessening the value of the surrounding property, thus making us poorer.

-Those who have kids without thinking of how to support their health hurt us by raising our health care premiums to a hellish amount, thus making us poorer.

- Those who have kids without loving them, will have kids more likely to commit crime, which hurts us by raising our taxes to police them, thus making us poorer and less secure.

-Those who decide to drop out of school, work a minimum wage job, have a number of kids, pay little to no taxes, will hurt us by having us support their welfare services, thus making us poorer.

- Those who vandalize public areas, like parks, hurt us by ruining the very areas in which we helped pay for, thus making us poorer.

- Those who illegally come across the border, hurt us by overburdening our public services, increasing their costs, thus making us poorer.

- Those students who have no motivation, nor care for their academics, hurts our kids since now the teachers must devote the majority of the time and resources towards the opposite group.

- Those who sue companies for frivolous reasons hurt us by making the products or services cost more in the future, thus making us poorer.

- Those who reallocate crucial city and state taxes to their self-imposed poor needs, hurts us by raising the cost of colleges, roads go un-repaired, schools are underfunded, our neighborhoods become ghettoized, littered, sadness, and over all happiness decline.

Our taxes go up, our health care premiums go up, and our frustration goes up.

We pay our bills, we pay back our debts, we struggle for our kids, we struggle to do right and we end up getting screwed by those who don’t.

In conclusion, those with the "give me more" mentality hurt us. Politicians that encourage and feed this mentality hurt us.

The middle class is hurt.